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About us

At Liverpool Flying School we have trained thousands of pilots, some of whom have gone on to instructor or become commercial airline pilots.

So why choose to learn to fly with LFS?

  • Liverpool Flying School has a wealth of experience of training pilots. The instructors and staff are highly qualified and committed to flight training, most have been with us for many years.

  • Learning at a busy commercial airport will give confidence and experience to fly at any airport throughout the UK and abroad.

  • Liverpool Airport is open 24 hours a day and has a full range of instrument approaches which can be used for training.

  • Liverpool is close to some fantastic scenery – it is wonderful to fly in areas like Snowdonia, The Lake District and the Isle of Man and all are within easy reach of Liverpool Airport.


Our History

Liverpool Flying School has been based at Liverpool John Lennon Airport since the swinging sixties. The school grew out of Liverpool Aero Club which was formed by Jim Keen in 1963, its first aeroplane being the then brand new Piper Colt.

During the last 60 years the family business has become a cornerstone of general aviation in Liverpool. Liverpool Flying School has trained thousands of pilots to fly for business and pleasure, some going on to fly for commercial airlines.

50 Years of Liverpool Flying School

"For 50 years the aircraft and activities of Liverpool Aero Club, Keenair Services, Keenair Ltd, Liverpool Flying School, Keenair Charter and the company owners Jim and later Martin, Kath and Janet Keen have provided a great deal of interest for the enthusiast. Their family business, established in 1963, has become a cornerstone of general aviation at Liverpool and remains so today."

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Liverpool Flying School has trained thousands of pilots and enabled many of its customers to experience the joy of flying in the safe, highly regulated environment of Liverpool John Lennon Airport.

All of our aircraft are maintained in-house by an experienced team of engineers and aviation experts. Our sister company, Keenair, has a track record of engineering excellence spanning over 40 years


Our Instructors are well qualified, loyal and committed to helping our customers to achieve their flying ambitions.

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